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In addition to being an award-winning fundraiser and widely respected leadership coach, Michelle is a classically trained vocalist and actor.

Surprised? You’re not alone! But consider this…

Performers develop their skills so they can share the share the beauty and power of their voices. But the best singers and actors also listen. Carefully. They listen to the stories told by composers and playwrights … to the words of those they share the stage with … to the responses of their audience. Then they bring it all together to create something new and wonderful and compelling. 

Michelle doesn’t sing much outside of the shower these days, but she still uses the lessons she learned as a performer. 

She brings decades of training and experience to her work in fundraising, leadership development, and coaching. And through it all, she listens. She taps the wisdom that every client brings to the table. She encourages individuals and organizations to become their best selves. With a contagious smile, boundless support, and a fierce dedication to excellence, she helps clients achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. 

With the soul of an artist and the fearlessness of an activist, Michelle supports transformative leaders … and believes every person has the capacity to become one.

She also appreciates the value of bringing chocolate to meetings. You’ll enjoy working with her.

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I believe in the vast potential of our shared humanity. I believe we are born with a deep knowing that is lost in our fears. And if we release those fears, we have the potential to create and build our best selves and a more humane world. People and organizations who grow from the inside out and upside down nurture curiosity, creativity and wisdom. My clients are smart. They already know what they need. As a coach, my job is to simply get them out of their own way to create the possible. And I am humbled by their trust in the process each and every time we share a breakthrough together.

Michelle Sherbun

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