There is this space…stuck inside.  Making it hard to breathe.  Making my heart hurt. It sometimes feels like my very own black hole.  Its name is fear. The fear is of something outside of me. Not connected.  Not real. Real only in my mind. It casts shadows.  Shadows that hide my connection with self.  Shadows […]


Today I was rummaging through files, seeking some inspiration.  I ran across a document and a memory I would like to share with you. I was facilitating planning with an organization that was stuck.  They were buried in old words and old perceptions that no longer served them or their company.  And I could see […]

Have we forgotten how to listen?

I was on a call last week with a client. The talking, talking, talking went on and on.  It became farcical as their voices got louder and louder, and the words tumbled over each other – scarcely a breath…fighting to be heard.  It was exhausting. You may have heard of the Lasswell Communication Model.   In […]

Bosses: Not So Good to Great

A colleague recently posted on LinkedIn that his career success is credited to the six bosses he had worked with over the years. Then he realized they were all women. I told him he was “a lucky guy.” While research espouses the value of women as leaders, I only had two female bosses in my […]

Maybe It’s Time to Unlearn What You Have Learned

“In performance cultures, people are determined to prove themselves. But in learning cultures, people are more interested in improving themselves — and the organization around them.” Adam Grant – Think Again, The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know As Dr. Grant proposes, “If knowledge is power, knowing what we don’t know is wisdom.” The […]

What Might Happen If You Play?

What would it take to give yourself permission to play?    I’ve been asking myself that question lately.  In the world of Covid, I’ve been working longer and harder than ever.  But I need to play – to release an energy that is lit from within.  What does it look like?  Inspired?  True?  Fun?    […]

You Can’t Play in the Box

Whenever a box larger than a shoebox makes its way into our home our cat, Wendy, claims it and climbs in.  She’s also been known to find rest in small take-out food bags and even a stock pot.  Clearly she finds comfort and safety in small places.  And if it has a cover – well […]

Do You Own Your Decision?

Your leadership and performance success is directly related to your state of mind.  While your state of mind may be viewed as a soft influencer in the grand scheme of things, your performance is measurable…and so typically viewed as a hard skill.  Today, brain science is showing the two views are inter-dependent and success is […]

Courage vs Fear

As the Election looms large and loud today, I find myself being pushed around by an increasing sense of anxiety.  And the pandemic certainly doesn’t make it easier. Lots of ‘what if’ questions. So what good does all this worry – this fear – do for me. Absolutely nothing!  Except to make me miserable.  And […]

Ride the Flow. Resist the Surge.

Recently my husband posted an email to close friends about his own anxiety around the nonending sameness caused by the pandemic.  The responses he received were validating and clearly let him know – he’s not alone. This is all new to us.  In our lifetimes, we’ve never lived through anything like this.  Many of us […]