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Through the Leadership Design Alliance, we provide the tools, inspiration, and opportunities to grow bold ideas and explore personal passions.  Individuals and organizations work together to challenge their own assumptions…dare to dream about what could be…and deliver on what will be


Our team supports transformative leaders. Our programs gather like-minded professionals who are resolutely committed to truth-telling, leading with integrity, the magic of possibility, fun, and meaning making.

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Our team provides premier leadership coaching, training, and consulting services to executives & organizations to help them lead more effectively. We take a holistic, multisided approach to leadership, working with all members of the organization to create a culture of engagement and high performance. Our comprehensive leadership training program provides the tools, skills and expertise to accelerate your high-performing team and leadership development. Book a 30-Minutes FREE Discovery Call Today!

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Leadership Masterminds | Leadership Design Teams | | Leadership Design Alliance

Leadership Design Teams (Mastermind Groups)

Fearlessly encouraging dreams and driving ideas into action.

Personal + Team Coaching

Cultivating success, happiness, resilience and purpose.

Executive Coaching & Training | | Leadership Design Alliance
Organizational Coaching & Team Development | Leadership Design Alliance

Organizational Coaching & Consultation

Building trusting cultures, leveraging assets and propelling visions.


Mapping skill sets and strengths, animating design thinking and facilitating learning circles.

Organizational & Executive Consulting | Leadership Design Alliance


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mindset stratEgy sessions

That's great news! You know you need guidance, coaching, and inspiration—but what exactly do you need? Our Mindset Strategy Sessions are complimentary 20-minute calls with a Leadership Design Alliance coach to help you better understand what type of coaching, peer group, or consulting you or your organization will benefit the most from.


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I believe in the vast potential of our shared humanity. I believe we are born with a deep knowing that is lost in our fears. And if we release those fears, we have the potential to create and build our best selves and a more humane world. People and organizations who grow from the inside out and upside down nurture curiosity, creativity and wisdom. My clients are smart. They already know what they need. As a coach, my job is to simply get them out of their own way to create the possible. And I am humbled by their trust in the process and each and every time we share a breakthrough together.

Michelle Sherbun
Leadership Design Alliance


Sign up for our monthly newsletter with your regular dose of motivation, fresh ideas, and useful insights.