I’m restless.
You know those times.  You need to make a decision – to move forward – but for some crazy reason, that one special path with all the magical answers just doesn’t seem to appear. It’s an uncomfortable place to be. I feel guilty. I feel like I’m procrastinating. While in reality, I know deep down this is the place creativity lives. It is in the quiet where answers emerge.  In the meantime that space can be so hard…so hard to just be.
Sometimes simply waiting and trusting that now isn’t the best time to make that big decision honors the heart. Now might be the best time to process…to listen…to learn…to trust that the best answers will emerge at the right times and under the right circumstances.
I’m watching friends navigate new relationships. I see colleagues burning out and doing their best to anticipate the next career move. I’m remembering lack of balance in my life as I watch others struggle to gain solid footing as they decide what is most essential to them and to the quality of their lives.
We live in a world in constant motion. We are compelled to buy into the idea that we need to keep up with it all – at all times. 
Stop! Now! Slow down! We do not have to be at the mercy of the chaos around us. Take a breath. Enjoy the quiet. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And trust. You know what is best for you.  When the time is right, you will know what to do.

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