I have a colleague who is in the midst of a big transition. The transition is his decision, so while the prospects of change may be a bit scary, they’re also very exciting.  When we talk, I see this vast tangle of emotions weaving around him, sometimes wrapping him so tightly it’s hard for him to breathe. He shakes his head in confusion. And yet he questions and moves forward, slowly unraveling a complex web of opportunities, ideas, and fears to find his way to his own truth.
Whenever we make a change, whether it’s by choice or forced upon us, we risk facing our own perceived inadequacies. Change makes hiding next to impossible.  Change can dredge up anything and everything that makes us feel vulnerable. And when we’re feeling vulnerable, fear is generally close behind. To face the fear, muster up courage…own your truth…and live the life you choose. 
If you find yourself facing fear and working hard to grab hold of courage, then name the fear. When you name it, you take away its power. Naming it demands we seek to understand its origins and its power over us. We can respect what we understand, but we don’t need to fear it.
So have fun. Name your fear. Call it Sylvester, Mildred, Fred – whatever speaks to you.  Stand it up in front of you, and stare it down.  You have a life to live.  And you will live it fearlessly.

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