I find the words trust, empathy, and intention carefully woven into a delicate and complex tapestry.  They are values that gently touch and fiercely rely on each other to build relationships of importance in our lives.
Trust is earned.  And it can be easily lost when minimized and disregarded.  Empathy allows us to understand a person’s experience from their perspective.  It requires compassionate and active listening.  And when we choose to build a trusting relationship, we seek to understand.  We are intentional with our words and in our actions.
We are all the product of life’s lessons and experiences – good and bad.  How we show up in life is directly related to those experiences.  What we own in those experiences, however, is different.  It is a choiceThat choice forms our core values.  Our chosen values are the heart and soul of what we bring to each relationship.  And when these values are consistently there for family, friends, and colleagues – trust is born.
We all need someone or someones who will hear us, challenge us when necessary, yet not judge us.  Trust is nonjudgmental.  It is empathetic and intentional in protecting the relationship.
Who do you trust?  Who is there for you?  And, who leans on you? 

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