What do you stand for?  How do you show up at work, with friends, with your family?  Are you the same person, or does a different you show up at different places and at different times?
I’m not talking about the confidential conversations we have with closest friends. I’m talking about understanding the reasons you do what you do. What is the intent behind your decisions – your actions?  How does your purpose clear a path for you – provide clarity in your future decisions and the direction you choose?
Your purpose is who you are. It guides you in the life you’ve chosen to live. It is anchored in your core values and becomes what you stand for in every aspect of your being. It is consistent. It is unflappable. It is what makes you the unique and special human being that you are.
Can you state your life purpose?  Do you know what you stand for? 
Are you all in on your purpose? 

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