When good people work together, we have the potential to create something extraordinary.

Together, we are stronger.  We are happier.  We listen.  We learn.  We understand.  We love.  We laugh.  We live truth.

In a time when we are divided by fear, distrust and hate, we must fine solace in communities of love.  This doesn’t mean we walk away from the world outside.  Quite the opposite.  It means – now more than ever – we are compelled to participate.  We join with those whose intentions are to listen, learn, and understand what divides us.  We join with those who choose to listen, learn and understand what connects us.

When we’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the noise around us there are four simple steps we can take to carry us to the now.  These steps can bring a greater sense of calm and remind us who we want to be.

Leave behind what no longer serves ALL of us.   Even the simplest steps can begin the journey.  Who do you want to be?

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