Today I removed my Facebook app on my phone and posted I’m going offline – maybe for good. I’ve had enough of the noise. In a world where civility is at a premium, Facebook adds to the intensity of disrespect and, often, less than accurate news. My opinion.  Take it for what it’s worth.

I don‘t know about you, but I first joined Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends.  I have watched children of friends and colleagues grow up on Facebook. I’ve learned of illness and the death of friends from long ago and been able to send words of support over the many miles that Facebook bridges.  All this is something I’ve loved and valued, but now I find less love and empathy when I read the comments.  Hate and differences of opinion are not going to change over a few words posted back and forth.  That’s not how we create civil discourse.  

As I talk with my clients and colleagues – some who inspired me to make this move – the common complaint is the amount of energy it takes (not to mention the time out of each day) to manage the myriad of emotions posts bring.  You can move from entertained, to happy, sad, angry, or afraid in a matter of minutes. It all depends upon what pops up in your feed.  It takes a lot of energy to process the anger.  And potential reason is buried.

And guess what?  We can choose to put our energy into something productive.  We can kick the Facebook addiction.  There are other ways we can communicate across the miles.

Hey, I wonder what might happen if all things political were banned from Facebook. What might shift?  While this may not seem possible, something radical has to change.  Don’t laugh – it could happen!

So for now, if you want to reach me – send me a text.  Better yet, pick up the phone and let me know how you’re doing. If I can’t sit across from you over lunch, the phone is the next best thing.  We can still share stories.  You can email or text your favorite pictures.  And when we hear each other’s pain and concerns, we can lend an ear. Learn from each other.   And begin to reconnect in our little corner of the world.   It only takes one to lead the change.

As I finish this post, it is clear to me I’m ready to completely disengage from Facebook.  So,thanks for listening.  Love to you all!


Should you wish to deactivate your account, here is the link.