We’re wired to stay safe – even if staying safe is not the way to lead change. These past weeks I’ve seen, heard and felt a recurring theme.  Courage in the face of fear.  Tenacity in the face of confusion. 

I recently facilitated a workshop for high school girls who seek to discover their own voices and wish to embrace the tools that will help them change the world. They are emerging activists. This responsibility sits heavily on their young shoulders.

A colleague talked about standing for what she believes…planting herself along side change to live her values.  She believes in being a nuisance to make things right.  She feared she wouldn’t get to live her values the way she envisioned, however, she went back to her roots,  She redefined her career.  And today – she will get to lead within change.

A group from a church is committed to expanding their community.  The neighborhood isn’t like theirs.  It’s more violent and less predictable than the one they come from.  They are fearful, yet their promise to build an expanded community remains strong.

These experiences and conversations have followed me for days.  They’re connected.  The passion for the issues…the sense of responsibility for others…how to listen better to what’s not being said…finding the best questions, etc., etc., etc.  These thoughts can keep the head whirling and drain purpose and energy.  And in our noisy and less than kind world today, it can be overwhelming.  And when we’re overwhelmed, we feel less safe.

Our lives and the lives of others are intertwined.  If one suffers, we all suffer.  If one shines, we all shine.  This is the thread that unites these ideas and passions.  Creating communities of love will sustain us.  I believe this deep in my heart. 

Remember – we can’t help everybody all the time, but everybody can help somebody all the time.  Be committed to living your values and making the day better for one person at a time.  They will pass that along to others and build a safe place for family, friends, colleagues – community.






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