In thinking about today’s blog, I find myself going back to some of the theme’s in last week’s edition.

Courage in the face of fear.  Tenacity in the face of confusion.
Our lives and the lives of others are intertwined.  If one suffers, we all suffer.  If one shines, we all shine.  This is the thread that unites these ideas and passions.  Creating communities of love will sustain us.

How does one find courage in the face of fear?  How do you remain tenacious when there is little clarity?  How do you sustain faith and belief in the good in mankind?
The answer?  Purpose and Curiosity. 
Purpose:  When we live our purpose, we are free to eagerly embrace an experience that feeds our hearts.   Purpose can be born out of worry.  It can be seeded in possibility. The emotions are powerful.  They demand action. 
Seeking your purpose? Here are some questions to explore.

Curiosity:  Purpose without curiosity brings sameness. And frankly, it’s likely not very much fun.  Curiosity requires we become committed explorers.  We become willing participants in disrupting our own ideas through learning.  Curiosity is about valuing differences to better understand the whole. 
As Margaret Wheatley so aptly stated,

Diversity is valuing difference because it makes a difference.  We see more when there are more of us seeing.  We know more when everyone’s perspective is sought and incorporated into our learning.”
It is purpose and curiosity that steers the hearts of change agents.  Their willingness to learn and understand is palpable.  Purpose and curiosity are critical ingredients in the secret sauce of communities of love.