“Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something is worth doing no matter how it turns out.” 

Vaclav Havel, Czech Leader


Suffering comes when we fail to notice and celebrate what connects us…what we get to create together. 

The wonder of community lies in shared learning and a clear openness to finding the simple truths in a complex world.  This wonder is rooted in trust.  Building trust from within a community requires we listen, explore, design, discuss, test, revise, listen, redesign, trust, play, try, listen, and redesign again…AND always staying open and curious in our changing world.  It is a dynamic process. 

Our job is to find what we can uniquely and selflessly bring to the work of our shared lives.  How can we listen and be present?  How do we build trust?  What hope do we share with each other?

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