In 2011, I gave a keynote at a conference for development officers and board members working in local educational foundations. As part of my remarks, I included a Seuss-inspired poem. It seemed appropriate in light of their work.  I ran across this recently when I was asked to recreate the event.  

By the way, the art was provided by my grandson, Lucas Pawlikowski, age 5. He’s now 12 years old, so this is likely to embarrass him!  The joys of being a grandmother!

WhatHowBe0001 copy.jpg

The WhatHowBe

Have you seen them in your dreams?
The WhatHowBe that raise dollars and esteem?
I have not seen them here or there.
No – There’s no such person anywhere.
But yes they must be here and there.
The WhatHowBe connect all those who care.
We’ve got to find what holds us together
We must be part of something better.
The WhatHowBe get us to think and focus
To speed up progress isn’t hocus pocus!
But look!  I see someone up ahead.
Who has the info that fills our heads
With stats and ideas that do not quit
And keep our communities sound and fit!
And even more – can it be?
A chance – a chance for every he and she.
Think of the difference we can make.
A chance to give instead of take.
So how do we get there
To this place so special
Where transforming a life
Takes courage so blissful?
Where are the WhatHowBe
Who can lead us to there?
Who are the WhatHowBe
Who bring others to care?
Oh look, I see many out there
Dozens of WhatHowBes everywhere.
There’s one there – and there
They’re everywhere
Oooooh…Now I see
The WhatHowBe are WE.

  © 2011 Michelle Sherbun
Art is courtesy of Lucas Pawlikowski, Age 5. 

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