Two weeks ago, I left the Rocky Mountains behind me.  A sad day. That vacation week with my husband, my oldest daughter and her family was soul healing.  We had limited (none!) access to email. We hiked.  We slept in. We took long drives – one up to the Alpine Tundra.  (It’s still hard for me to imagine how anything survives up there in the winter!) And we started one evening off with a bourbon tasting at a local spot.  (Note: Our 12-year old grandson had root beer.)

I still think of the Rockies and hold that week close.  The day we hiked to a waterfall at 9500 feet and looked over the tree tops to the valley below was – well – awesome.  A picture not easily forgotten.

We often take vacations to get a break.  Usually it takes us 3 or 4 days to simply decompress and then the vacation is over and we’re back to work.  And no good deed goes unpunished.  We work hard to wrap up projects before leaving for vacation only to come back to another week of catching up on top of the other day-to-day work we must do. Sigh.

I REFUSED to do that this time.  Instead, I made a commitment at that waterfall to not do what I always do.  I’m hanging on to the feeling.  I’m committed to taking a breath…being in the moment…knowing the work ahead of me will get done.  No sweat. I’m not giving into the stress.  I get to hold onto the Rockies.

I am woman.  And I have spoken!


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  1. It sounds fabulous Michelle. So wonderful that you have decided to be in the moment. I read something somewhere that became a mantra that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t — "You have all the time that you need." Somehow, someway, we do all seem to get done what absolutely needs to get done, don’t we?

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