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That’s What I Call Bliss

When are you at your absolute best?  What are you doing?  How are you feeling?  What’s going on in your head?  (If you say “Nothing is going on in my head.  I’m quite content – thank you.” –  then that’s called bliss!  Way to go!)
When we find where our passions, our personal mission, our careers and our vocations intersect, we have found our purpose.  We are at our absolute best.
Yep – I know – not so easy. So often one thing or another simply gets in the way and pushes life out of sync.  I’ve learned over the years that righting that rocky boat is possible when at least one thing in my life is sane and simple.  If work is tough, then home needs to be humming along.  If home is tough, then at least work is satisfying.  Wherever that sanity exists, I know who I am in that space.  I feel the rhythm.  I know what I must do.
However, when things are out of sync or rocky in more than one aspect of my life – work, family, not having time to be with friends – my sense of purpose can hide in the shadows of lost perspective.
I have learned over the years that when I’m busy – too busy – I need to be hyper aware of my stressors. (But then when you’re too busy, who has the time to be hyper aware?!  Remember – I said this wasn’t easy.  It takes practice!)
In the work I do with organizations, I see unbalance all the time.  Sometimes things just back up.  It happens.  That’s life. We need to practice noticing when we’ve lost our way and pull ourselves back.  Otherwise, our behavior shows up as disinterest, passive aggressiveness, anger and lashing out, or a victim mentality takes over.  We suffer. Our families suffer. And our colleagues and friends suffer when we’ve travelled that road too long.  
We owe it to ourselves to find our purpose in life. It takes courage to find purpose.  Know that this is a commitment to something bigger than yourself.  Purpose requires we be honest with ourselves.  And that means seeing the truth about our strengths and our nontalents, as well as taking responsibility for the choices we’ve made.  And yes –  then holding ourselves accountable for what we choose to be and do.
No, it’s not simple, but then anything worth anything requires effort.  I think who we are…who we want to be…what we want to leave behind – our own, unique purpose – deserves that attention.   And when we find and live our purpose…that’s what I call bliss! 




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