Over the past 18 months, I’ve been in the midst of a significant transition.  It has been a roller coaster of ideas, doubts, and possibilities from the get-go.  My transition is far from over, yet I find myself oddly at peace.  And I wouldn’t – couldn’t – go back for anything.
Being in transition means you’re caught “In the Meantime Zone”.  It can sometimes feel like a bizarre sci-fi movie as you float out there…somewhere…untethered.  You’re uncomfortable.  Boundaries are shifting.  What lies ahead is uncharted.  You don’t know where this journey will actually lead – let alone end.  
If your journey is anything like mine, you’re restless.  Consider this – maybe you’re not ready to settle anymore!  And while the unknown is daunting, it helps if you identify what it is you’re seeking.  Write it down.  Step away. Think about it and go back at it again. Say it out loud.  Make it real.
This is what transition is all about.  It’s an exciting and unpredictable cycle of change.  It’s a balance of giving up all control and then owning the choices you make.
Struggling to articulate your dream is OK.  In fact, it’s an opportunity to seek out diverse perspectives.  To learn something new.  When we embrace stories that may be different from ours, we have a chance to grow beyond the limitations we’ve wrapped around ourselves to feel safe. In reality, there’s a fear holding us back.  Seeking wisdom outside ourselves helps us name the fear…release it…and move on.
When you come out the other side of this adventure, you’ll be able to tell a great story.  You may even write a song or a poem about it.  (Don’t laugh. You might be so inspired, it could happen!). You’ll be so much wiser.  And it will have been worth every up and down, every failed attempt, every sweet moment of insight, because in the end…you will have found a bigger, better piece of you.
Believe in yourself. Trust the process. Follow your heart. 

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