One of the advantages of getting older is better understanding when it’s time to let go. As I grow into myself, it’s more and more important to me to make space for the things and the people who give me energy, not fear. There’s only so much room, and fear takes up way too much space. Fear builds walls around people and ideas. It boxes in what we don’t understand. Being afraid is exhausting and it squeezes the air out of the world.   Oh, what we miss when we’re afraid!
Last week I wrote about community. I challenged each of us to show up and step in…to build communities of inclusion and trust. Inclusion promises a rich tapestry of stories, people, places, laughter, love, ideas, and opportunities.  We’re not limited by inclusion…we are set free! 
Casting the burden of fear and self-doubt brings self-determination. Kindness and non-judgment emerge. There is freedom in a world without walls.  
What might happen if we let go of what has become far too familiar?  What if we truly believe we each deserve better?  There is equity.  We are all free to meet life head on and grab hold…to give up the struggles that bind us and to tear down every wall that causes harm.  
Just think of what could be if we built vastness into our lives…limitless love of all humanity.  
* Communities hold the soul of the collective in trust.  This collective of thoughtful people have the opportunity to work toward a shared belief of equity and inclusion without judgment.  Intentional and farsighted communities demand we navigate through our differences to find connections that bind us rather than distance us.