Whether it’s our family, our work, our religion, or our politics, we too often look to others to tell us what to think and feel.   It’s easier when we don’t have to do the work ourselves.  Our lives are busy.   Everywhere we turn there’s noise – trying to grab our attention.  It takes energy, time, and a lot of trial and error to figure out what we truly value and believe…values and beliefs based in love, compassion, and community.  So, we choose to not think and feel with the hope that others know better.

So how do we pull away?  How do we claim and embrace our own thoughts and feelings?

We ask questions.  And we keep asking questions until, eventually, we find our way to the right ones?  We ask questions that challenge our thoughts and beliefs. They reflect our values.  We let go of the assumptions that are based in fear, memories, and misperceptions.  We are willing to fail and to learn.  We own our own thoughts and feelings.  We trust our hearts.  We are fearless. We take responsibility.

Carve out time these next three months to write down your deepest beliefs, fears, and hopes.  Choose where you want to focus.  Be bold.  Find your questions.