Recently read: Vision without Execution is Hallucination. 

Yep!  And this is why teams are so important!  

 Vision speaks to possibility – original ideas and a belief in what the future can be.  And while this vision may inspire and ignite energies, it cannot succeed without intentional efforts to design, test, redesign, over and over again.  Vision takes persistence and a strong commitment to the evolution of great thinking.

 While organizations thrive when there is a vision that focuses the work, vision is hampered without a diverse set of styles and skills essential to highly-functioning teams.  

 Vision, while rooted in passion, instinct and drive, cannot truly catalyze change unless there are members of the team who can tear an idea apart…get buried in the details…and analyze it from all sides to ensure it will hold up.  And even if all agree the idea is a leap of faith, there’s still a plan that needs to be implemented, monitored and evaluated. 

 Vision is what launched hospitals who hold our health in trust, educational institutions who feed our minds, social service agencies responding to human need, arts organizations who feed the soul, and on and on.  I’ve often said the nonprofit sector is a leap in faith.  And though vision drove the launch of this sector, it is discipline, persistence, and commitment to fulfilling that vision that leads to ultimate success.

 No member of a team is less than another.  Every skill, every idea, every effort feeds the ultimate vision. It is the collective that brings vision to life.  It is hallucination if one feels they can do it alone.  Someone, somewhere, somehow contributed to the successful execution of the vision.  

 A vision alone is not enough.  So…know your strengths and embrace your non-talents.  Find those who excel where you have gaps.  And then have fun creating something new, something exciting, something part of a shared team vision.