This past month I went to the desert to join other professional women and one brave man from around the country in exploration.  There was no real agenda…simply a trust the group would uncover issues important to each of us individually, as well as a collective.

I went to the desert to reflect on my previous 18-month journey. It has been a journey to clarify my personal purpose as I enter this next phase of my life.  

I went to the desert to reflect and seek clarity.  Was I who and where I wanted to be with my life? Through my reflections, I found peace within myself and in my place in the world.

So, I invite you in 2019 to go to the desert – maybe not literally – but in your mind and in your heart.  Instead of setting a new year’s resolution, take the time to reflect. What have you learned?  What do you want to learn?  Where do you feel empty?  When do you feel whole?

Some things to help you get started…

          Oh, and another benefit – creating this space for yourself helps to jettison
          tensions without dumping them on those around you. Just sayin’. 

Wishing you a 2019 filled with love, laughter and kindness.