Wouldn’t you know it, I checked the internet for the word “dramastic” – a word I coined as far back as 2007, and I found a definition in the Urban Dictionary.  (That’ll teach me to not copyright – especially since there are so few new ideas only reworked ones. Obviously, mine included!)

The Urban Dictionary defined DRAMASTIC as a combination of the words “dramatic” and “drastic” – used to characterize a response that is blown out of proportion and is very severe at the same time.

While I agree that makes sense, I have a bit of a different take on the word – something I see as more positive and personally compelling.  My definition requires we BE DRAMASTIC.  And that means we act out or share a moving and vivid story – or better yet – a personal experience that compels others to respond with a sense of urgency.  

I don’t usually believe in starting any conversation with a definition – but, in this case, I’ll make an exception.  It’s time we all BE DRAMASTIC!

Whether we’re retired, an at-home parent, a manager, or front-line staff – we ALL interact with people at some place in our lives.  These folks sit on either side of the political aisle.  And as we well know, there’s not much agreement (an understatement!) on either side.  We have a responsibility to ourselves and to those we work with…live with…happen upon…to BE DRAMASTIC.  This means we need to be human – to share our personal stories – with kindness and compassion.  I guarantee you those stories can connect us through a shared experience, compassion, a commitment to what is just and right. 

  Yes…just and right.   Remember…FEAR HAS US DOING CRAZY THINGS!  I mean really …we’re all at least a little bit crazy in this current political climate!  We need to lead ourselves and others from a place that is DRAMASTIC.  We share our stories and personal experiences.  We LISTEN to the stories and personal experiences of others.  And then we LET GO…LET BE.  

Guess what?  You can’t sustain DRAMASTIC.  Take a breath!  Walk away! Or you may explode!  Pick the battles that matter to you most.  And when you are BEING DRAMASTIC – do it from a place of love.  Be respectful.   

Those who treat you with disrespect need kindness the most.