What if everything came down to this very moment?  Who I am. Who I love.  What I did.  What slipped away.

What might that moment look like?  That moment of glorious clarity and stillness.

Would I be satisfied with the choices I made?  Was I free enough to take risks and fly?

Did I live now…this very moment?  Was I totally here?  Alive in this very precious and unique moment?

I too often let those moments slip past me.  Moving too fast to slow down and see…feel…be.  It makes absolutely no sense. What could possibly be more important than being here – now – soaking life up?  All of it – moment by moment.

Can I be grateful for what I have?  Because in reality, it’s all I need.  It’s all I’ll ever need.

Intentions. It boils down to living a life of intentions.  Not letting life live me.  Purpose lies in the moments found in an intentional life.  A life that chooses the “why” of who I intend to be.  And who I intend to be guides what I do and why I do it. 

And when we live our lives in full moments…moment following moment…we are present to all the possibilities.  Not running so fast they are missed time and time again.

Life is fleeting.  None of us get out of here alive.  Will we be remembered for the moments where life was fully embraced?  Or those times when we moved so fast we missed the beauty.