It’s here in 8 days.  Many of us will – if we haven’t already – gone into high alert.  Is shopping done?  Presents wrapped?  Meals planned?

We try to control the day…the schedules…the chaos.  And then we miss the magic.

Overly ambitious workloads and year-end deadlines…kids’ holiday events and their ever-increasing “energy of anticipation”…family expectations (the good and the not so easy)…worrying about what friends and family you want to spend time with… simply managing expectations –  yours and others can add to a soaring level of stress.  It’s often a season of high anxiety. 

STOP sabotaging yourself!  We’ve all been there and it doesn’t work.   So be realistic. Remember, the holidays are about joy and love. 

So how might you manage the stress?


Wishing you a year filled with kindness, love and laughter.  You deserve it.