What happens when we set high standards for ourselves and our teams?  Do we elevate performance?  Feed healthier cultures?  Inspire people to move beyond “good” to “great”?

In simple terms…YES.

However, simply espousing high standards isn’t enough.  What if our standards are rooted in fear of reprisal?  What if competition is the only thing driving the goal?  What if only a few people are being heard?  What if we don’t hold each other accountable to good behavior?

Great success comes when we SPEAK UP AND SPEAK FOR what we believe.  Leading our teams with remarks that minimize others, lack clarity of direction, or pit us against each other for recognition isolate and distance engagement.  Teams can become toxic and low-performing. Behavior becomes unpredictable and so individual team members don’t feel safe.  Trust and innovation languish. 

When we move toward a goal or belief, we walk the talk.  We set the stage for a culture of certainty.  There is clarity around expectations and goals.  We create teams where everyone can have a voice.  Job satisfaction increases.  Performance accelerates.  And talent stays.  

So what does your team look and act like?  Are you moving toward or away from your goals…your dreams?

Robust cultures that hold themselves accountable to goals and a code of behavior breed trust…talent…transparency…fairness…innovation…resilience.   Want to make your team stronger?  Ask them…how would they define your culture?  Listen and then get to work.  Walk toward your dream.