How dare I dream. 

How dare I believe I deserve better. 

How dare I want more out of life. 

How dare I believe that if I work harder good things will come.

How dare I believe that if I obey the rules, I won’t be punished.

How dare I shed my shame. 

How dare I make my own destiny.

How dare I care.

How dare I give.

How dare I laugh.

How dare I cry. 

How dare I hurt when dismissed. 

How dare I shine when I am appreciated. 

How dare I love. 

How dare I love myself. 

How dare I believe in myself.

 How dare I live a life of joy.


Because…I dare to be!

What do you dare?

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  1. I Dare to be GREAT. When we dare and show up as our best self we give others the permission to do the same. Thank you Michelle for your post. I hope everyone who reads this let’s their light shine brightly even if they feel fear. Life is not meant to be lived in the shoulda, coulda, woulda lane.

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