Aurora, New Zealand, a Dutch train, in our streets, in our schools, and in our courts.  Violence.  Hate.  Injustice.  

It’s not been easy these days reading the news.  We’re feeling angry, helpless, anxious, drained.

Yet – we don’t have to be any of these.  We can defy what IS by creating caring communities wherever we stand, work, play, worship.  One step…one day at a time.

As we expect our leaders to exercise their moral conscience for the good of all, so must we demand the same of ourselves.  Leadership doesn’t come with titles.  It is found in the spirit of service – at all levels of our communities.  Communities awake to the full possibility of our own humanity.

How we choose to act on and express our true selves is where we find our genuine identity.  Our “self” cannot be found behind a public persona that is dependent upon external acceptance and approval.  So…

Our compassion is our signature.  Our actions are our proof.

Leo Rosten, a Chicagoan, humorist, screenwriter and political scientist, once wrote, “Courage is the capacity to confront what can be imagined.” 

When do we bring our collective wisdom and courage to fight for what…for now…may only be imagined? When do we muster the courage to fight for what we know CAN BE?  Where and when do we stand for kindness and justice?




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  1. This is a good one Michelle….
    Fight Injustice, untruth, hatred, Etc. with kindness and compassion ——- seems like a contradiction/compassion and fight, kindness and fight,
    but it really works better than anger or fear.
    All we got to do is try to stay calm enough for kindness and compassion show through all the anger, fear and confusion. A tough challenge indeed —but well worth it.
    I believe it’s the only way the world while progress and become more whole.
    Yer old friend, Mo

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