I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  I didn’t sleep well.  I keep getting distracted because what I’m really doing is avoiding pending deadlines. I have too much to do.  Too little time.  And so…I’m grumpy.  Yada yada yada!  Sick of my whining yet?  

Time to make a mental shift, because I can’t stand my whining either!  

A little help to put things in perspective came from a question I just ran across.  I welcome the writings of Pema Chodron (an American Buddhist nun).  She asked, “Since death is certain, but the time of death in uncertain, what is the most important thing?”

Hmmm…so in my mind this begs a follow-up question.  How do I make the best – the most – of this day?

Just think about it. We put energy into things that take our energy and then we fight to replenish what we’ve lost.   How does that make sense? 

We need to stop or at least slow ourselves down!  Suspend the intensity.  Stop focusing on the minutiae.  Step back.  Take in the whole of what and who is around us.  Enjoy the moment.  Soak up the colors, the sounds, the light..the everything.

Gather up all the “shoulds” and set them aside, because NOW is the moment to BE vs. DO.  Let go of the worry.  Breathe through it.  Take our time.  Feel our hearts slow down. 

Whatever we have to do, we know it can wait.  And when we meet that next deadline, we KNOW we will find ourselves calmer, happier, and more creative.  Energized. Real.

Today, I create space for myself.  I open myself to the wonders of life.  I don’t think about it, I simply breathe it in.  I don’t judge.  I embrace.

What is your most important thing?  How do you make the best – the most – of this day?


NOTE:  As I finish this blog my two cats have started fighting. Sigh.  Time to eject them from my office and find my moment to pause.


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  1. Michelle, I find it interesting how your cats were reflecting what you were feeling inside back to you. The Universe is such a wonderful training ground to look at our stuff. I am a big Pema Chodren fan and I appreciated the question you phrased. Recently, when I have been in such a "grumpy" place because I have to do something, I too slow it down and go right back to my breath, because everything really is perfect in this NOW moment. The other way I have minimized the pressure is to know that I am not doing this by myself, I am co-creating my life with GOD, Universe, whatever label works for you. When I realize that I can tap into this infinite and broad resource, I start to feel better. For me that is where the wonders of my life really get magical. Thank you for your thoughtful blogs. Best, Christine

  2. I am struck by the use of "most" and "best" interchangeably in the question – as if they are substitutes for each other. Of course, they aren’t. That’s clear by your musing on the subject. But I do think we have a tendency to behave as though they are and by doing so, we beg the deep question of "what is best?"

    This morning my best is being present in my life – remembering that my life affects the lives of others but isn’t responsible for them.

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