“We didn’t save ourselves. We tried to save each other.”  

A survivor, World Trade Center, September 11, 2001

Don’t you find it interesting that in times of crisis, we rise to meet the challenge?  We forget what divides us…our differences.  We forget to judge.  We follow our innate need as human beings to connect.  We come together to save each other.
So, on a daily basis when we make assumptions about each other, what are we really saying and feeling about ourselves? Why can we be so willing to focus on the differences versus the ideas…the thoughts…the dreams that we actually share? When we choose to contribute to fear and decay we withhold our respect.  We withhold respect from others and from ourselves.
As we hold each other at arm’s length…judging, assuming, refusing to see the world the way it could be…we lose a bit of our own humanity.  We lose the chance to build a community that follows its passions – the very things it cares about.  We become selfish…because we live in fear.  And then we lose belief in ourselves and each other.
And yet – maybe in spite of everything – we find our humanity in times of crisis.  We love.  We give. We connect.  We create power as a collective.  Nothing is beyond our reach when we stand together…united…all for one and one for all.
Today – I challenge you to reach out to someone you might not agree with.  Listen.  Ask questions. Seek to understand and not judge.  Watch what happens inside of you.  Wait to see what evolves as the conversation moves forward.  You might actually find a gem that binds you rather than separates you.
And make respect and the need to connect the norm – not the exception.  We all deserve the best of each other.