Ever wonder where you are? Let alone where you’re going!  Are you simply walking through life maybe a little numb – not fully participating – just trying to hold it all together?  Are you happy?  Unhappy?  Not sure?

Join the millions of others who walk with their head down…focused only on where they’re going but not really thinking about who they get to be when they arrive.  And while we may interact with the “where we are” with “what we do”, we don’t actually connect on a deeper level that is meaningful. Instead we remain detached.  Isolated.

Sometimes we get lucky. We know our path.  We’re committed to our intentional choices.   However, most of us take a rockier road. To find our way, we need to clear the ever-present critics seeding doubt in our hearts and heads.  These critics   include our egos, others’ egos, rules that no longer apply, responsibilities, expectations and fear!  Instead we must rally our internal rebel to fight against what doesn’t serve us well.

Finding where, when and how to take this journey is a leap of faith.  Theodore Rothke (American Poet) once said, “I learn by going where I have to go.”  Where do you have to go?  What compels you?  What feeds your soul?  I know…I know…BIG questions!  Guess what? You have the answers!

As impossible as it may seem at the moment, know the best journeys are those of our own choosing. When we choose, we tap into what lies within us.  And I guarantee there all kinds of wonders tucked away inside of you.   When we take the first courageous step to “be”, we’re free to trust what we already know but have hidden from ourselves.  Be patient – seeing takes time!

 Questions for Your Journey

 Keep asking questions.  You will begin to see patterns that will guide you as you design your journey.  Remember…seeing takes time.