I am in search of courageous truth. However, before I can speak my truth, I must face my fears…accept myself and all my imperfections. And then…only then can I honestly choose why and how I want to move forward.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin


This blog is in response to recent conversations with several clients about how to grab hold of their own truth…especially in light of the contentious world we live in today.  Finding our way when everyone is divided becomes even more important if we are to lead ourselves and others.


We can never fully become who we are meant to be and do what we are meant to do until we know the truth of ourselves. It’s downright scary reaching for the truth! Let’s not deny it! It can bring out the coward in each and every one of us! 

And so, it takes real courage to find our true selves.  But when we embrace this self – with kindness, honesty and a true sense of urgency to grow – we become warriors in our quest.   We are no longer victims to false thinking…to those who tell us it can’t be done. Or the times we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough.

In my mind’s eye, seeing the truth is like standing with the sun at our backs. When the sun is behind us we feel warm…strong…and supported.  The sun lights our path ahead.  We KNOW where we’re going…and WHY. We have a spring in our step. We’re excited…energized.

When we face the sun, we are blinded by its brightness.  We can’t see our way forward. We lack clarity.  We become confused.  We doubt ourselves. What is false and what is true?

So, hold close those who have your back.  Don’t be blinded by new, bright, and shiny things that distort your truth. And with the sun at your back, bring those along who will hold you up on the days that aren’t so easy and who will make you laugh to keep the journey fun.    

I love Mark Twain’s quote:

“When in doubt, tell the truth.  It will astound your enemies and confound your friends.”



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