I grew up in a time and in a neighborhood where if I did something wrong, my parents knew about it long before I even got home.  This may sound a bit nostalgic – not to mention I’m giving my age away – however, there’s wisdom in a village raising the young members of a community.  A village that comes together – not to shame – but to support each other in the hard work of parenting.

For a community to be whole it must value trusting relationships.  Whole communities are actively engaged in the lifeblood of camaraderie, family, connection – in essence, BELONGING.  When we’re part of a group that has distilled values and expectations to support us, it is easier to be brave.  It is easier to be curious.  It is easier to tell kind, honest and necessary truths.  

Workplace teams are communities as well.  They are communities working towards a common goal.  That goal binds them – no matter their differences.  Healthy teams are built on trust.  In fact, they thrive on trust.  Without it, they stop learning…stop taking risks…stop seeking what could push their goal beyond their greatest expectations.  And they begin to wilt and lose a life force that attracts and keeps the best talent.

Where has trust gone?  It’s within your reach.

Someone has to be brave enough to lead with a full heart.  Someone needs to stand up and face outward.  Someone needs to live and speak trust through thought and deed – building connections wherever there’s a space curious enough to let it in.

I’m game. Wanna join me?