Your leadership and performance success is directly related to your state of mind.  While your state of mind may be viewed as a soft influencer in the grand scheme of things, your performance is measurable…and so typically viewed as a hard skill.  Today, brain science is showing the two views are inter-dependent and success is tied to an individual’s ability to succeed when the two are linked.

So to get the best out of yourself and your team, listen to what you say.  What is your “why”?  The answer to this reveals your level of engagement. 

So what motivates you and keeps you engaged? 

Achieving extraordinary success that lasts? 

Feeling heard and part of the team? 

Moving the whole team in the same direction? 

If you want high-level engagement, listen for these words. 

It is important we listen to our own words.  Whether taking on a new project, looking at a deadline, working within your team – take care to notice what words you and your colleagues are using.  When you and your team understand the power of your choices, you will celebrate success…and have fun along the way.