Too often people define themselves by what they are not. 

What stories do we tell ourselves?

I’m too fat.  I’m not smart enough.   I’m too young.  I’m too old.  No one would ever believe me.

We see the flaws.  The glass is half empty.  Maybe – just maybe – it’s time to see our beauty…not the flaws.  Maybe it’s time to get a new glass.

When we compare ourselves to others, one of two things can happen.  We’re inspired to do more…to be what we can be.  Or we crawl into our shell and hide behind scarcity thinking.

At one of the recent Loud Girls Mastermind Groups I host, I shared my realization that like so many of us, I don’t always trust myself.  What!?  Where did that come from?  Others trust me.  Why don’t I trust me?

We all have those inner critics that live in our heads and mess with our emotions.  They’re deep seated.  They play with our ego.  Some days I have a whole committee of critics dancing in my head.  They don’t care what kind of harm they cause.  And they will never have my best interests in mind.

Most of us have moments of doubt…those times when we venture into new territory and wonder if we have what it takes to live that dream.  And therein lies the answer – change is treading into new territory.  Of course we have doubts…but those doubts don’t get to own us.  And we can choose not to listen to the critics.  Because we know who we are.  And we trust that person we have learned to understand – and love – all these many years.

The question – Who do you believe you REALLY are?  And when you anchor yourself there, are you truly alive?

Maybe the better question is – How alive do I want to be?