Can you take a break from the stress?  Sure you can.

Ask yourself – What can I leave behind that’s pulling at my heart?  Strangling my words?  Clouding my vision?  Wrenching my gut?  Filling me with fear?

Do I do what I do because it’s what I know…and so no matter what harm it may cause – I let it own me?

I ask – what is most important right now?  Not imagined.  Not outside of yourself, but deep inside you.  Down to your very core?  Your knowing?  Your longing?

What is important – today?  What is real?  Look around you.  Taste the goodness.  Breathe the colors.  Hear the earth.  Touch the world.  BREATHE.

While we live in an uneasy time, it is still OUR time.  It is OUR chance to bring kindness to the world.  To see the fear and hate…and offer love.  Wake up!  Be in this world.  Be fully in this world. 

Stop. Listen.  Learn.