Want to lead your organization through change?  Improve productivity?  Build happier, more collaborative teams?  Then you may want to look at how you perceive change. 
The world is changing more quickly than ever.  We don’t know what the new normal will look or feel like.  Colleagues are nervous…uncertain about what the future holds.  However, if we shift our perspective and seek opportunity to grow, we can change the trajectory. 
Changing our mindset from one that is fixed to one of personal and professional growth allows us to reframe the way we work, learn and lead.  This mindset – a growth mindset – leads to real and lasting impact.

This is a behavioral shift.  And while these skills may sometimes seem “soft”, shifting from the status quo to a growth mindset creates space for increased employee engagement, resilience, and greater workplace satisfaction.

Teams that make this shift live these qualities:

Change is disruption.  And disruption can create fear and resistance.  Resistance can be magnified when we don’t know the why of change. If we as leaders give careful consideration to how our colleagues think about change and the role they are expected to play, then in response they will drive solutions.  You will build in resilience, curiosity, an interest in learning, and a greater ability to tolerate risk and innovation. 
I encourage you to reflect on your own leadership.  What are you doing to create cultures of learning, innovation and feedback?