“Bring out the best in the team by challenging them with tough but achievable goals, encouraging them with sincerity and trust, motivating them with a compelling vision and listening to them with empathy.”

Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures

Now more than ever we need great leaders.  In times of uncertainty, a steady head and compassion can go a long way in creating confidence and calm.  Great leaders provide clarity and conviction in their vision.  They know when to hold tightly to ideas and when to let go…to listen…and to learn.  They understand what they can control and what isn’t worth their energy.  And they sincerely care about the people on their teams, which builds deep trust and loyalty that ensures success.
When do you feel you’ve been the best leader you can be?  What happened in that moment?  And how do you tap into that “knowing” more often?