Every obstacle offers an opportunity.  Every pain point is an opportunity for us to let go.  Every problem opens the door to creativity.

And so goes COVID-19.
Yes. Times are tough.  Some days just simply suck.  And that’s OK.  It’s real and hiding from that fact won’t help.  However, wallowing in it will hurt.
Most of us our dealing with worry, anxiety, stress in ways we’ve never known.  In reality, those feelings have likely been with us for a long time.  We’ve just learned how to cope with them.
But now – NOW – it’s over the top.  There’s no hiding from them.  Buttons are getting pushed.  Sleep is elusive.  And when the sun isn’t shining outside – OH MY!
OK – maybe it’s not that bad, but our emotions are certainly heightened. Let’s be honest with ourselves.  But here’s the kicker. Now we have the time to figure how to manage them better.   YES – YOU DO HAVE TIME.  Now we can start new habits – healthier habits. Now we can work towards being our best selves because we really do have more control over our days.
Think about it.  Even if work is more intense than ever on Zoom, you CAN step away from your computer and take a break.  No one will see you.  Take a breath.  Better yet, take a quick walk around the block.  Stretch. Clear your head.  Breathe.  You deserve it.

Feeling stressed or worried?

Where are you feeling it in your body?
Name the worry.
Is that worry true?
How do you know?
What can you control?
What are you grateful for?
What opportunities can you seize now?

How do you administer self-care?

Express daily gratitude
Limit your time reading/listening to the news
Cry – tears release stress hormones
Vent your feelings with someone you trust
Give yourself permission to grieve


REFRAME THE STRESS:  Change the thought that is stressing you. Try picking the opposite of how you feel right now.  Run with that.  Changing your thought will change how you feel.  I promise.  And when you change how you feel, you change your behavior. You don’t act stressed. And when you don’t act stressed, you ultimately change how you behave – in this case, how you deal with the stress.


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