Tomorrow is no more certain than it was yesterday.  Our only certainty is that we will face change.

And how do we meet that unknown?  Well…that’s where the fun begins.

When our days seem stale, breaking the routine can open the door to dreaming.  The kind of dreaming that feeds our souls. Souls long forgotten and lost in monotony.


What if I learned to sail?  I feel the water crashing against the side of the boat as I take on the waves.  The wind is whipping the sail and driving me forward ever faster away from the shore and the routine. I’m the epitome of social distancing!  And I am free and one with the water!


What if I take a hike to find that perfect climbing tree?  And when I find it – that big beautiful tree – oh how daunting the idea becomes.  But I muster the courage, clamber to the top and look across the expanse of the land below and around me.  And I am queen of the valley!


What if I turn the music up so loud the entire neighborhood takes to the beat? And I dance without a worry of how I may look.  I’m consumed by the music as it takes me to another time and place.  And I am movement!


The unknown is full of possibility.  It can open our minds and our hearts. We can be and do what is at the essence of our dreams – who we are meant to be.  It only takes a little courage to let go and let be.  It only takes a bit of courage to claim YOU.