Recently my husband posted an email to close friends about his own anxiety around the nonending sameness caused by the pandemic.  The responses he received were validating and clearly let him know – he’s not alone.

This is all new to us.  In our lifetimes, we’ve never lived through anything like this.  Many of us are traumatized by the state of the world today.  So while we may acknowledge this, how do we move forward?

We seek our own best way to go with the flow and resist the persistent surge that depletes our energy and our sense of well-being.

It is important to understand that we are all grieving for what we’ve lost. Our spontaneity.  Meeting with friends.  Going to the movies.  We are off balance because we don’t know when this will end and what the world will look like.  And we’re angry because we feel we have so little control. 

So…we adjust our perspective.  We reframe.  We learn to lean on the absurd just a bit to make the day a little more interesting.  And we look for and live the good moments in life that make us smile.  They are there.  They may not be obvious.  Or maybe we’ve been moving so fast pre-pandemic we just don’t recognize those moments.  Maybe we’ve been missing the more in life.

Let us become better seekers who gently ease into the search and ride the flow.  Resist the surge.

So today I share an article a friend so generously shared with my husband.  It is worth a read.