I wander. I sit.  Quiet. The warm sun dancing on my head, making my ears tingle as it nips at me.   I walk. Footsteps crunching. Beating a rhythmic tempo. Letting go. Letting be. Oneness.   The breeze softly sways a tangle of branches. Sometimes the dance is slow. Sometimes more frenetic. Always lulling me […]


“There is no power for change greater than community discovering what it cares about.” Margaret Wheatley  Does community help us live our own humanity?   Do we see and grasp all that is good in ourselves?  Or do we drift…aimless, detached, unseeing and uncaring? How do we claim the best in each of us? When do […]


I think it is fair to say the times we currently live in uncertainty is very real.  Uncertainty is the norm.  It is the unknown. Keeping people safe is a priority.  Keeping organizational talent to meet mission is essential.  We juggle the threats daily, working to ensure mission flows forward.  In doing the right things, […]

Meeting the Unknown

Tomorrow is no more certain than it was yesterday.  Our only certainty is that we will face change. And how do we meet that unknown?  Well…that’s where the fun begins. When our days seem stale, breaking the routine can open the door to dreaming.  The kind of dreaming that feeds our souls. Souls long forgotten […]

Thoughts on Justice

This morning I sat down to write – to begin to get at least some of the thoughts racing through my head on paper.  It’s my attempt to find my way when nothing makes sense.  I’ve spent my entire career working on social justice issues.  I’ve had the privilege of working with talented and committed […]

Shifting to a Growth Mindset

Want to lead your organization through change?  Improve productivity?  Build happier, more collaborative teams?  Then you may want to look at how you perceive change.  The world is changing more quickly than ever.  We don’t know what the new normal will look or feel like.  Colleagues are nervous…uncertain about what the future holds.  However, if we […]

Now More Than Ever – We Need Great Leaders

“Bring out the best in the team by challenging them with tough but achievable goals, encouraging them with sincerity and trust, motivating them with a compelling vision and listening to them with empathy.”  Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures   Now more than ever we need great leaders.  In times of uncertainty, a steady head and […]

Thriving in the Time of COVID-19

Every obstacle offers an opportunity.  Every pain point is an opportunity for us to let go.  Every problem opens the door to creativity. And so goes COVID-19. Yes. Times are tough.  Some days just simply suck.  And that’s OK.  It’s real and hiding from that fact won’t help.  However, wallowing in it will hurt. Most of us […]


Can you take a break from the stress?  Sure you can. Ask yourself – What can I leave behind that’s pulling at my heart?  Strangling my words?  Clouding my vision?  Wrenching my gut?  Filling me with fear? Do I do what I do because it’s what I know…and so no matter what harm it may […]

What Can You Do Next Time?

So much of the fabric of our lives is woven in loss.  The death of a family member, friend or colleague…the loss of a job…no longer feeling as safe in the midst of Covid 19’s new realities…or the simple reality of aging… all impossible to hide from. The sense of lost opportunity can run hard […]